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 There is a lot of talk about leadership and much of it is often linked with achievement. Where as there is validity in that, there are some other things that stand out to me which are love, humility, and servanthood. I differentiate between humility and servanthood because I see humility as an inward disposition and servanthood as the outworking of humility.  I am by no stretch of the imagination anywhere close to having any maturity or consistency in these areas. However as a leader and an educator I find myself deeply attracted to these values especially as they are displayed in the life of Jesus Christ who is my favorite leader to study in history. I find deep inspiration in looking at the gospel narratives as well as the descriptions of Him given by his disciples in the epistles of the New Testament. I believe that one of the purposes of leadership is to help others realize their purpose and potential. Paul described this powerfully when he stated, For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich.” 2 Corinthians 8:9 (more…)


Original by Kathy Elliott

Chapter 9 – Lighting a Spark

In reading this chapter, I thought of my journey as a mother. My daughter is barely three, but I often think of how the experiences I am sharing with her will hopefully ignite a spark. We took care in finding the perfect school for her this fall that offered a mix of languages, art, music and extra curricular activities to keep challenging and motivating her to try new and exciting things. We provide the platform and allow her the opportunity for things to unfold naturally in her world. (more…)

Wk 4: Reading: Be the Spark

Original by Wesley Hancock

I know that there was a lot more reading than just where the author mentions “The Spark” from chapter 9, but I really felt like this section spoke to me the most this week. For one, it was kind of cool to learn where the “carry the spark” saying comes from. It’s really very interesting, and being a huge history lover and just having an enthusiasm for anything medieval in general, this was just super cool to me. The relationship that the author made to the every day, to the creative, was just as inspiring as the origins of the saying. (more…)

“The Art of Possibility” has been one of the best books that I have read a very long time. It is a book that I will most definitely recommend as well as pick up again. (more…)


The purpose of my action research is to develop strategies and techniques within theological study that facilitates critical thought by integrating technology and theological content. I decided to publish an academic paper sharing my research and findings. My 1st choice for publishing is with the Contemporary Issues In Technology And Teacher Education (CITE). CITE seemed the most appropriate for the nature of my capstone project because it is compatible with the focus I have been on over the course of last year. CITE focuses on education technology. The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) is my second option. I have developed a growing interest in the distance education field and the blended classroom for theological training.

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Original Post Live, Laugh, Love or Rule # 6

This is not a new concept to me. I cannot remember a time in our home when it was not full of laughter. In the worst times, the laughter was loudest. (You should hear us at funerals.) I think back on some of the hardest times in my life and my dad was always there with a joke or some way to make everyone smile. However, that is my personal life, not my professional life, so I have been more serious at work. I had a few students that said to me this year, “Miss Rose, we have seen you smile, but never heard you laugh.” I couldn’t believe that what they were saying was true, until I thought about it. I have been taking myself way too seriously recently. Everything has been about deadlines and accomplishing the tasks that I have set for myself. I have been living in the spiral and had forgotten about the vision. (more…)

Original PostWeek 3: Chapters 5-8 Reading Blog: Practicing Freedom

This week’s readings, especially chapter 5-“Leading From Any Chair”, just happened to coincide with training teachers.  I thought it was interesting enough that I posed the question as an opener for participants:  “Where do you lead from?”  I received interesting responses-the most frequent response was that when utilizing the LCD projector teachers tended to stay tied to the front by the desk as a separate entity away from their students.  What I found more interesting is that all teachers felt irritation at being tied to their desks instead of in the midst of student activity.  I asked them if they had considered not teaching from the desk, but having students use the computer to project, so that you are free to move around and interact with students.   Most of them seemed like the question was an epiphany.  I thought, given the information in chapter 5, that sometimes even when we don’t realize it, we tend to lead from the chair at the front of the room completely isolated from our students, and not even realize the impact on the classroom environment we are having. (more…)